I am Sitora Šlauterytė and I work as professional photographer currently living in Trelleborg, Skåne.

Here are some short facts you may want to know about me:
1. I am graduate of Vilnius Arts Academy and I have bachelor degree in photography and media arts (2013).
2. In 2019 I moved to Sweden from my hometown Klaipėda, Lithuania.
3. I am happy owner of two lovely sighthounds and one cat.
4. My main kit is Nikon D800+24-70+50+70-200.
5. I like vibrant colours and real emotions.
6. And the last one: I haven’t mastered Swedish yet.

I would love to write a long story about myself, my journey in various creative and graphic design fields which started more than 10 years ago, but this drama will take too many words, so take a look at my works and if you want to book my service, head to contact page.

Please get in touch for pricing and booking.